AHP Sports is a group of experienced physiotherapists with a passion for musculoskeletal and sports health. We are co-located with the best gym locations around your area, so our clients can access the best equipment during their rehabilitation. Our clients range from elite athletes to people with back pain. We also care for those trying to enhance their physical wellbeing. Together, we strive to help you achieve the results you want, be pain-free and move better. For instance, that can be getting you ready to compete at your chosen sport or simply cope with daily tasks with less pain.

By combining our professional expertise, your personal preferences, and the best available research, we operate inside an evidence-based model of care. That means we are not only client-focused, but also ready to guide you through your rehabilitation using the best treatment strategies and methods available. In order words, we want to deliver long-lasting results in the most efficient manner.

Our physiotherapists are hands-on, will diagnose your problem and present you with a treatment plan. There you will find an outline of the proposed treatment, which includes the steps for your recovery as well as an estimate of how long it will take to get there. We will work together to achieve these goals and timeframes so you can get back doing what you love pain-free.