Deep Tissue Massage

At AHP Sports, we can ensure you recover from any sporting injuries, pain management or damaged muscles, all with the help of our Gold Coast deep tissue massage. All our therapists are experienced in massage therapy, acupuncture and other techniques and treatments.

More about AHP Sports, Gold Coast massage therapists

We all know that the Gold Coast is a surfers paradise, but even highly experienced surfers can run into painful accidents. So it’s extremely important to have access to massage treatments as part of an effective body pain treatment plan.

If you suffer from chronic or back pain, getting to your chosen wellness centre is much easier when it’s your local gym. That’s why our physical therapists always work in your area, or if it’s more convenient, we can provide you with quality massage service in the comfort of your own home.

Here at AHP Sports, we have teamed up with some of the best gyms in your local area to provide top-quality physiotherapy services to treat your specific conditions. So whether you are an elite athlete, weekend surfer or simply want to relieve stress, muscle pain or just headaches, you can rely on AHP’s deep tissue massage therapy on the Gold Coast.

Are you worried about health fund rebates – then don’t? At AHP Sports, we provide private health fund rebates to all clients who have private health insurance. You don’t even need to come to a clinic for your treatment; you can do it from any convenient location of your choice.

The many benefits of deep tissue massage

Are you looking for sports massage, pregnancy massage or relaxation massage? Our qualified remedial massage therapists can help you relieve all kinds of symptoms that you might have, including muscle soreness and poor posture.

There are many benefits of a deep tissue  massage; not only can it help with the treatment of body pain, but it can also help in other areas, including

Relieve stress

Everyone deserves to be pampered now and then. Enjoy the complete relaxation experience provided by our deep tissue massage services. Relieve stress with a massage. Immerse yourself in the feeling of deep muscle relaxation and reap the benefits of reduced blood pressure and reduced levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Reduce pain from scar tissue

Even though scar tissue forms a natural part of the body’s healing process, it doesn’t mean that it’s without problems. Where scar tissue has developed and become very tight and stiff, it can inhibit the normal functioning of your body, leading to painful muscle spasms and other issues. Regular deep tissue massage can improve your flexibility and range of motion by softening the scar tissue.

Improve damaged muscles

With any sports injury, you should seek out an appropriate recovery treatment plan. After your recovery is complete, the same techniques can help to delay muscle soreness and improve recovery time. Our therapists will make sure to target your sore and painful muscle areas to help reduce the risk of re-injuring muscles after you’ve healed.

Deep tissue massage Gold Coast from AHP Sports

We’re the Gold Coast’s home of deep tissue massage. Our therapists work hard to ensure you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and calm. We use techniques that will leave you feeling at peace while at the same time providing you with relief for any aches and pains you might be experiencing.

Our therapists are dedicated to providing you with excellent service, so you can sit back and relax. Take this opportunity to treat yourself to the healing power of touch.