Remedial massage Gold Coast

Are you looking for remedial massage therapy to help with chronic pain and muscle aches while also reducing stress in Gold Coast? With the help of deep tissue massage from an expert remedial massage therapist, you can recover from a host of sporting injuries by stimulating the nervous system and increasing blood supply to the treatment location.

Gold Coast’s remedial massage therapists

Our massage therapists are highly experienced and can repair damaged muscles and back pain through relaxation massage. Remedial massage therapy can also have other benefits such as reducing and treating headaches, general aches and pains, as well as physiotherapy. If you are looking for a physio for everything from a pregnancy massage to a sports massage, get in touch with us today.

The region next to mermaid waters on the Gold Coast is a surfers paradise, but it can lead to a host of injuries. That’s why our services are aimed at clients with body pains who want therapists for all kinds of massages and to help; we know that getting to your chosen wellness centre is much easier when it’s your local gym. That’s why our physical therapists always work in your area, and we can arrange to send a qualified remedial massage therapist to a location of your choice.

The benefits of remedial massage techniques

Treatment for pain and relaxation from stress through remedial massage techniques can be significantly beneficial. Damaged muscles can lead to long term chronic pain, but with the help of therapists, you can reduce all kinds of pain-related symptoms. We even offer private health fund rebates for individuals with private health insurance. The benefits of deep tissue remedial massage include the following.

Reduce body pain

A trained remedial massage therapist will assess your body, relieve your pain, and balance your muscles. Our team of trained massage therapists will use deep-tissue massage to ease the tension in your muscles, increase blood flow, and restore your bones to their correct position. We offer a range of benefits for your health and wellness, along with reducing any back or leg pains.

Eliminate stress from your body

Conduct a relaxing massage session with a professional therapist to stimulate the production of endorphins and balance your cortisol levels. Your inner harmony will be restored, and you will feel more alert and focused. With effective deep tissue massage at an AHP Sports Gold Coast clinic, you can feel relaxed and ready for everyday challenges.

Treatment to boost immunity

Massage therapy can mimic the effects of exercise by stimulating lymphatic drainage, increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles and tissues, boosting lymphocytes. While other remedial massage treatment techniques can help detoxify the body and lower cytokines’ levels, stimulating inflammation and myofascial release.

Better sleep

Relaxation massage therapy is used by many people with problems getting quality sleep. By improving the body’s ability to heal itself, reducing musculoskeletal-related pain and stimulating relaxation, remedial massage has been linked with a better night’s sleep and a more alert state when awake. You can visit the clinic for remedial massage therapists or receive treatment at your home.

Visit any one of our local clinics or arrange a home visit

Deep tissue massage is best suited for those who engage in highly physical activities, such as running, or those who have an injury or chronic pain. It should be avoided by those who complain of low pain thresholds and should only be considered for medical treatment after consulting a doctor.

The clients who regularly come to our clinics throughout the local area receive massive relief from their symptoms through effective physio and remedial massage techniques. Get in touch with us here at AHP Sports today for the best remedial massage the Gold Coast has to offer.