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Discomfort, tightness of muscles and pain in the joints are a part of your everyday life? But with the help of stretch therapy, you can improve the mobility and flexibility of your entire body. Stretching can help with an injury for athletes and even benefits people with muscle and bone-related health problems.

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Fascial stretch therapy can significantly improve the movement and range of your body. It helps by providing relaxation of the connective tissue and should be especially important for people undergoing training.

If you’re a resident of Gold Coast and you’re looking to improve the range of motion of your hands or feet, regain movement with injuries through effective physiotherapy, AHP Sports has the best stretch therapy to offer.

How does stretch therapy help?

Stretch therapy has several benefits, and the basic principles of the process lie in reducing pain and increasing motion by stretching the fascia or the connective tissue in the body. Fascial stretch therapy or FST can help various people, for example, individuals who are training, have chronic pain, and even those who are rehabilitating from a serious injury. The overall benefits of stretch therapy include the following.

Reduces localised and chronic pain

Gently stretching muscles, tendons, and ligaments have long been used by athletes and athletes’ coaches. But in the last few years, thanks to an increasing amount of research, it has been noticed that it can be helpful for many non-athletes too. Stretch therapy reduces pain, reduces stiffness, and improves range of motion. Massage has other effects, too, for example increasing flexibility, and reducing pain.

Better posture

Your posture has a significant impact on your health. Posture problems cause progressive muscle fatigue and joint instability, which can trigger pain and injuries. Poor posture is often the result of sitting too much or spending long hours in an uncomfortable chair, hunched over a computer. Strengthening exercises allow your joints to move more freely. Start with a physical therapist or a stretch therapy physiologist to learn the safest and most effective stretches and strengthening exercises for your muscles and joints.

Greater range of motion

Stretching is a relatively simple exercise that nearly everyone can do. But research has consistently shown that stretching has a significant effect on a range of motion. Older people suffer more from stiff, inflexible muscles. Their muscles don’t move as easily, and that makes it harder to move around. Stretching can help.

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Sports massage is probably the most popular form of soft tissue therapy in the world. But many people think that sports massage is only for the elite athlete and regular athletes can’t benefit from sports massage. The fact is sports massages are not just for the elite athletes; everyone can enjoy them.

At the AHP Sports clinics throughout your local area, we provide a combination of chiropractic and physical stretch therapy that has been treating sports injuries for several years. At the core of our practice is Fascial Stretch Therapy, an innovative approach to treating pain, mobility, and injury. It is a revolutionary, fascial release technique that is gentle, effective, and painless.